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About Our Business

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Are you looking to start a new building project or have you recently moved into a new home and would like more information about where your utility lines are located? If so you're likely in need of the professional services of a locating company. Locating companies can offer a range of locating services that enable you to have a better understanding of the utilities as around your property and where exactly they are located so that you can be sure not to disturb them were causing unnecessary damage to your utility lines. Since most utility lines are buried underground, it is not practical to unbury them and locate them but rather use a professional company that can do that for you with their set of specialty locating tools.

Portland Locating Specialists are dedicated to offering the highest standard of quality locating services that are provided in the Portland area. We are committed to enhancing the safety of the Portland community and we are able to do so with our team a dedicated utility locating professionals who are eager to work alongside you and put your safety, comfort, and long-term happiness. The community continues to rely on us for our professional locating services because we are able to offer unbeatable rates, friendly service, and special attention to detail that other companies simply cannot match. If you were in the market for professional locating specialists and would like to schedule your next locating service appointment, then be sure to get in touch with us and let Portland Locating Specialists take care of all of your locating needs!

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