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Radio Wave Detection

marking ground after radio wave detection

Radio wave detection is a popular method of locating underground or buried utility lines because it can use electromagnetic tools that map out where the utility lines are. Using a radio frequency generator that is able to send radio waves throughout the underground system, it is able to locate where the underlying utility lines are. Using radio where detection, we can easily navigate utility lines that are made of those plastic and metal. This is often our preferred method when it comes to locating underground utility lines.

Utilizing Radio Waves

As mentioned before, we utilize radio waves that are sent underground and are then carried along do utility lines before we can pick up a signal that allows us to indicate the peak and center of the utility line system. Utilizing radio waves is not harmful or damaging and it's something that can be completed in a matter of hours without a disturbance to you or your neighbors. Once we have been able to determine where the lines are, we will then mark them above ground.

How it Works

Radio detection system uses Radio waves and frequency that are triggered underground to better detect where the centerline of the pipes are utility lines are located. The radio frequency travels along the utility lines and then sends a positive signal to our operators above ground for where the utility lines are. Standing above ground, our operators will have on-hand a detection device where the signal is sent to us to positively indicated that the radio waves interacted with the utility lines and can confirm where they meet. This is a process that we will repeat a couple of times just to be sure the same location is picked up every time, especially before marking it above ground.

Metal Pipes

While this process is often used with metal pipes and other metal utility lines, this doesn't mean that it is exclusive to the metal in general. Radio wave detection can also be used for plastic pipelines and utility lines operating in the same fashion as it would with traditional metal. Radio waves are sent throughout the utility lines and indicate a positive signal to our operator above ground who also has a receiver and can determine where the signal is coming from.


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