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Leak Locating

leak locating service in progress

Leak locating is the process of searching for leaks within your utility lines. The process is very important and vital to your home's safety and comfort because many times, the leaks can go unnoticed since they are buried underground. This leaves a lot of time and room for leaks to worsen and for you to lose money on your utility bills as you continue to use the utility lines, thinking they are in working order, but you're paying the same or more for fewer resources that are actually delivered throughout your home.

Water Leak Locating

Water leak locating is done by using radio wave detection or ground penetrating radar. These two methods allow us to see deep into the ground and completely feel where the utility lines are running and how they are operating. Our ground penetrating radar will be able to detect buildup in voids and holes, while the radio wave detection device can show us where the centerline of the pipe is actually located and if there are any imperfections or damages in the pipelines themselves. The radio waves will send a message back to the receiver that is held by the operator aboveground and provide results on how the radio waves travel throughout the pipeline and whether or not there is cause for concern.

Gas Leak Locating

Gas locating can be a challenging task especially because gas itself is invisible to the naked eye and can leak continually without anyone taking notice for some time. And hailing and coming in contact with these gas lines can be extremely damaging to one's health and the surroundings. To prevent this, we offer professional like locating that enables you to keep your gasoline safe and your family safer. Gas leak locating can be achieved using radio wave detection, or another preferred method that is trusted by our professionals.

Oil Leak Locating

Oil leak locating is similarly provided to that of gas leak locating, mostly because oil leaks can be just as deadly and hazardous as gas leaks. Oil leaks are much more prominent than gas leaks because they are easily noticeable after some time. You may begin to notice your lawn becoming sludgy or a foul odor from parts of your property that appear to be unexplained. An oil leak is likely to blame and can be repaired once we have been able to successfully track the leak.


We continue to put your safety above all else when it comes to performing any of our leak locating services. We know that you likely have many options when it comes to choosing your leak locating company. That is why we have made it easy for you to obtain the highest standard of professional leak locating services, right here in Portland, OR, in your local city area. If you are looking for a top-notch company that will prioritize your safety and comfort, then be sure to come to us for your leak locating needs!

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