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professional utility locating services

Portland Locating Specialists have been providing professional locating services for many years with continued customer satisfaction. We offer a unique range of locating solutions that make it easier for you to keep your home and building projects safer and more secure. Our team of licensed locating specialists is able to assist with virtually any locating project that you may have and is able to catch and find tubes, pipelines, and areas that are often missed by other locating companies. Our attention to detail is what helps us stand out from the rest. Our attention to customer satisfaction is what keeps clients coming to us for such services.

We continue to provide our services to the Portland area and are eager to help you with your next locating project. If you are not located in our normal service area and are still looking for professional locating services, we welcome you to get in touch so that we can refer you to another trusted locating company that is closer to your proximity. If you are in the area and are ready to enlist our locating services, be sure to give us a call and we’ll get an appointment scheduled for you as soon as possible. We also offer consultations if you aren’t sure what the process entails or have questions. At the moment, we are pleased to offer our customers within the Portland area the following locating services:

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