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Underground Utility Locating

underground utility locating service

Underground utility locating is the process of attempting to find and track underground utility lines, such as electrical lines, water lines, and gas lines. This process is important when it comes to building or inspecting your home and its utilities, simply because many of the problems (if any) that occur with these lines, can go unnoticed as they are buried underground. Locating your underground utility lines also means promoting the safety and wellbeing of you and your family by knowing the condition of your utility lines and whether or not they’re in working order.

Gas Lines

Gas lines are one of the main utility lines that are often buried underground and can be challenging to detect when there’s a leak simply because the gas itself is not visible to the naked eye. When you begin to notice the odor that is emitted from gas during the leak, it may be too late to repair the utility line or prevent further hazards and damage from your property. Instead, we are able to offer underground utility locating that lets us glimpse into the security of your gas lines and ensure that they are in working order without any obvious or noticeable leaks.

Water Lines

Water lines are typically buried beneath the surface and contain a combination of metal or plastic pipes. It is our job to locate where these water lines are located so that you can better understand how to maintain them and whether or not they are in safe and working order. In order to locate water lines, we use a variety of methods including plastic prime locating, radio wave detection, or the ground penetrating radar. Understanding where your waterlines are will enable you to manage them for as long as you were living on the property so that you also know how to accommodate future building plans and structures.

Electrical Lines

Electrical lines can also be buried underground and when he’s lying to becoming damaged, they can easily cut off the power to the rest of your home. It is important to locate where electrical lines are so that you can better keep them protected from potential damage. Usually, the electrical lines are very deep into the ground so that they cannot be penetrated when mowing the lawn warm and walking on the grass. It is our job to keep these electrical lines buried and to ensure that they are not susceptible to potential damage.

Excavation Safety

Another reason that you may want to consider underground utility locating for is that you want to ensure that you keep your utility lines protected if you were planning a new building project that requires excavation. Excavation can easily dig up existing utility lines and create unnecessary damage for future connections as well. If you tamper with underground utility lines, you could also be damaging the utility lines of your neighbors or surrounding homes. Breaking or destroying underground utility lines can also result in hefty fees and repair charges that come with them.

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