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Oil Tank Search

oil tank search in progress

An oil tank search is an important locating service that is often needed when moving into a new home. If you have just recently moved into a new home or purchased one, you’ll want to consider having an oil tank search completed so that you’re able to better understand where your nearest oil tank is, along with any other buried tanks such as septic tanks, cesspools, and more. Not knowing where your oil tank is can lead to disaster later on when you take on any home improvement project. Avoid it now and have a professional oil tank search!


As the area's premier oil tank search company, we're dedicated to providing our clients with the utmost standard of reliability and comfort that they can count on for locating services. We're able to do this with the help of our team of professional locators, who are all licensed in the field and ready to take on any locating project or job that you may have in store for us. Our reliability means that clients in the Portland area continue to trust our services and come to us when they notice a leak or have questions regarding their utility lines.

Attention to Detail

Our attention to detail is what has led us to become one of the top locating companies in the area. We're committed to offering our clients outstanding safety and provide more knowledge and resources to benefit them and their oil tanks. The process of locating an oil tank can often include finding old records and reports of the house from previous owners and mapping out the most likely locations that the oil tank would be on the property. These details are ultimately what lead us to finding out the most information possible and on your behalf.

Process of an Oil Tank Search

After we have been able to track down some of the historical documentation regarding the oil tank, we'll also turn to photographs and old building plans to see if that leads us to any further information. We will then use some of our preferred locating methods to determine where the oil tank is located on the property, including following warmed or heated pipes inside of the home that could also lead to the oil tank itself. Once we find your oil tank, we will then provide you with a complete report on your oil tank and any more information that we deem necessary for your personal records.

Why You Need One

There are many reasons why you might need an oil tank search, but the first one we can remind you of is that you're now the new homeowner and should be aware of where it is on your property! This means that you'll have complete control over your oil tank and can ensure that any leaks or damages that take place can be repaired and combatted so that your lawn and home is not destroyed by an oil leak.

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