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Plastic Pipe Locating

plastic pipe locating services

Plastic pipe locating is another locating service that we can provide in order to find any buried or large plastic pipes that may be on your property. To complete this task, we can utilize a variety of locating methods depending on what we believe to be the most efficient at the time of your appointment. If there are clear records as to where your plastic pipes may be located then we may only need a tracer wire to find them. However, if your property is quite large and your plastic pipes are more intricate, then we will likely need do utilize other locating methods.


One of the most traditional ways to indicate the location of a pipe is to utilize acoustic locators that enable us to trace the sound of the pipes so that we can put her locate where they are placed. The acoustic tools have a non-invasive method of tracking the interior and surrounding sounds that plastic pipes can pass on, and the acoustic locating tools can be used for pipes that are located quite far into the ground. Of course, the suitability of this method will always depend on the type of terrain and depth that you were looking to explore, but we find it to be suitable for most private and residential needs.

Tracer Wires

Tracer wires are small thin wires that are made of a copper compost material that is designed to withstand curbing and bending so that the wire itself can easily manipulate the pipes interest them accordingly. We will sometimes utilize tracer wires if the underground conditions are wet or severely moist, as the tracer wire itself is covered in a polyethylene coating that makes it durable against moisture.

Marking Tapes

Marking tape or detectable tape usually comes in a bright-colored role that looks very similar to electrical tape that you would find for household use. However, the marking tape is used to indicate where are utility line or pipeline is located so that those that are excavating the area know where to stop before puncturing the utility or pipeline. The marking tape can also be implanted above ground so that those who are interested in digging in the area are aware and cautioned not to.

Fiberglass Probing Tools

If any of your plastic pipes have a potential leak, we will use a fiberglass probing tool to monitor and locate where the pipes are located and where the leak itself is. What makes a fiberglass propane tool so unique is that it is able to not only detect a leak but it is able to locate where the pipes are based on the sound of the leak in the vibrations that the leak itself can cause. When it comes to locating plastic pipes that are buried underground, fiberglass prepping tools are some of our preferred favorites simply because they can offer a two in one job so that we can report back to you on the condition of your underground plastic pipes.

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